Jeremy Salmon

Board Director, Broadway Malyan

Jeremy is a passionate retail design professional and Board Director of Broadway Malyan, a global architecture, urbanism and design practice with 16 studios worldwide. Throughout his international career of 20 years in practice, his overriding concern has remained the creating of authentic and exciting customer experience. His conviction that place making and the creation of tangible lived experiences creates great cities, great places and sustains the virtuous circle of success; happy clients, happy end-users, fulfilled customers and stakeholders.

A trained architect himself, Jeremy leads a regional team of architects, interior designers, urbanists, landscape designers and branding way-finding designers across three studios in Asia Pacific. Retail solutions are always specific to context and place, they are found in being able to always blend sector expertise, location expertise, a knowledge of people and design leadership.

Jeremy’s formative years came through the wave of new generation retail environments borne of an emerging European demographic in the early 2000’s; being involved in a number of award winning benchmark projects in particular in southern Europe as retail itself transitioned from a functional task to a lifestyle choice. Since his move to China in 2010 he has completed a vast range of commercial projects across the spectrum ranging from targeted architectural work for Ivanhoe Cambridge in Changsha, retail and public realm driven masterplanning for Nan Fung in Qingdao and Shanghai, retail planning and retail interiors for Tishman Speyer in Suzhou and Shanghai, retail repositioning for Capitaland in Shanghai and Ningbo. His current projects include a 120,000 sqm retail led mixed use development in Zhuhai, Macau, a recently completed regional shopping destination in Ningbo for the Immochan Group, repositioning of a number of retail properties for Macquarie and Carrefour, and more recently engaged in a repositioning programme for the Powerlong Group at a brand level.

The exciting thing about creating and engaging with the narrative, the story telling of Retail Design is that you are defining and encapsulating the desires and aspirations of these people, their hopes and needs for well-being and fulfilling lives.