A State of Shopping Mall Marketing in India

Apr 24, 2019

14:55 – 15:40 hrs

  • Customer expectations have been raised sky high by online shopping, how shopping malls are attracting footfalls keeping physical shopping at the heart of the customer.
  • From the rise of the experience store to integrating mobile and tech solutions, what are the key trends for marketers wanting to cut through in today’s highly competitive market?
  • How Retail marketers are transforming today’s Shopper Experience?
  • It’s a collaborative game- What more brand marketers expect from shopping malls ?
  • The shift from ‘people finding products’ to ‘products finding people, how mall marketers are overcoming this challenge?
  • In-mall visibility of a brand~winning customer attention and tenant’s heart at one shot
  • The Social media effect- to target key shopping groups, delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, recognizing the type of retail mix that resonates with consumers i.e. Facebook’s poll tool allows malls to interact with mallgoers figuring out what malls can offer shoppers that the internet can’t.


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