Apr 24, 2019

15:40 – 16:25 hrs

Footfalls necessarily always do not convert into sales and sales into profits. Optimization of data and consumer behavior in an intelligent manner can make the difference between malls that are highly profitable and have a higher consumer satisfaction index – it’s all about Traffic Intelligence, Navigating Consumer Behaviour, Building Engagement pre-and-post store visit.

We discuss the many ways in which malls can shape the customer experience, making life easier and more interesting for shoppers, thereby building a more positive experience for the shopper to their malls:

  • How to map in-store consumer behaviour to improve conversion rates and transaction size
  • Smart techniques to build Digital engagement with shoppers – at home and on-the-go – to drive in-store traffic and sales
  • How to maximize use of Store data into insights by adding market intelligence, e-commerce and other contextual data
  • How to maximise Sales by improving operational and marketing effectiveness
  • Smarter Staffing for managing the peak and low customer flows – how traffic intelligence can help retailers increase profits with smarter scheduling
  • Optimising your Marketing spend – to drive Conversion, as well as Traffic
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