How Next-Level Technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital) Can Build Greater Visibility, Engagement, Profitability For Shopping Centres


Next Level Technologies creating the big differentiator in malls
AR and VR can exponentially increase the value that shoppers draw from your mall, and leave a desirable customer impression. Discover new ideas how you can leverage Digital, AR, VR, and similar future technologies to:
– Malls struggle to get enough visitors during weekdays, and during the daytime in weekdays plus also during non Sale season. How to build higher levels of engagement with the customers to draw them to your mall and ensure a constant buzz and high levels of footfalls at all times – weekdays, daytimes, and non-Sale seasons?
– Malls are getting bigger in size, and huge layouts make it daunting for customers to navigate what and where they need. How can AR/VR make navigation easier once they are inside the mall – finding a store, finding offers they need, personalization notifications which help them buy?
– Malls compete with each other for same set of shoppers. Sometimes, there are three malls lined next to each
other, or five malls in close proximity targeting the same catchments of consumers. How can then AR/VR help you build the USP and differentiated / premium positioning for your mall – keeping the audience engaged, keeping the message consistent, building recall value which is higher than the usual “activity” based communications?
– Cutting-edge shopping experiences and marketing initiatives – driven through AR and VR – what’s possible? National Geographic did experiential marketing inside a mall, which projected images of animals, dinosaurs, astronauts, and even ambient environments amongst numerous curious shoppers – engaging shoppers via an AR experience. Samsung brought the power of imagination through VR gear, by opening a scuba diving shop in the middle of the desert in Australia, building a lifetime experience to experience an ocean for whom chances of access to the sea were slim. How can such similar experience drivers be utilized in malls?
– Ikea makes it possible to see how a piece of furniture looks in your living room at the flip of an ‘app’. How can malls drive these innovations to drive shoppers to malls, and build experiences which can’t be matched by online shopping?
– Facebook’s Augmented Reality Social Experience connects oneself with their friends via VR letting them interact through a virtual world – one can sit in a virtual room, watch movies, play games and interact with friends who are not physically present and could be sitting on the other side of the world. How can shopping centres deliver experiences even before somebody has entered your mall, or left your mall?

– Alok Tandon, CEO, Inox Leisure
– Amit Sharma, Managing Director, Miraj Entertainment
– Rajendra Kalkar, President – West, The Phoenix Mills
– Shashank Pathak, Executive Director and CEO, Westend Mall (Suma Shilp) Pune

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