Inaugural & Keynote: The Next-Generation Of Retail Real Estate In India


What will Retail Real Estate version 2.0 look like?
– Rebooting the old shopping centres to develop a new era of Retail Real Estate 2.0?

– In addition to PE & Institutional funding what are the alternate funding model required – REITs, Debt-Equity financing, IPOs?

– Future lies in shopping centers being built as community destinations; how are Real Estate players progressing and what are the nuances to balance variables of tenancy vs the occupancy rates and profitability streams?

– To explore alternate revenue streams (Themed Festivals, Pop-up events, Product Launches, Product Placements, Flea markets, and more …) does real estate need to account for it in design stage?

– Is India ready for new and innovative real estate concepts, such as pop-up shopping centres with good examples being ‘Boxpark’ in London and ‘Common Ground’ Shopping Centre in Seoul. Because this is new and this is experience, does this tie-in with the economics?

– Benchmarks and institutionalizing best practices we can learn from the West, such as USA and Europe, and closer home from Dubai, Singapore, Thailand?

– Innovation and new ideas into malls – specialized innovation and research centres like Westfield Labs to develop original ideas
– do we have scale, is it cost-effective, is India primed for it yet?

– Does size matter – is big necessarily better – do we need to get more ambitious on size and scale? Largest mall of India – DLF Mall of India (2 million Sq.Ft.) vs Dubai Mall at 13 million Sq.Ft.

– Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director & Promoter, Pacific Malls
– Rajneesh Mahajan, CEO, Inorbit Malls
– Rohit George, MD, Virtuous Retail South Asia *
– Vikram Garg, Principal and Head – Real Estate group, The Blackstone Group *
– Yogeshwar Sharma, ED and CEO, Select CITYWALK
– Sonica Malhotra, Joint MD, MBD Group (Radisson BLU, MBD Zephyr, MBD Neopolis (Ludhiana), MBD Neopolis (Jalandhar))

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