Mall Design And Development – How Developers, Architects, Town Planners, Retail Design Heads – Should Plan A Mall – From Laying Down The First Brick To The Last Store Been Leased Out


– Fundamental difference in how we conceptualize and build the blueprint of malls in India, and how the mall design and conceptualization happens in the West?
– How are developers planning their malls to become experience islands, and differentiate them from other malls – is there some brainstorming at the conceptualization stage between Architect, Developer, Operations Heads, Retailers – how can we make this more collaborative at the design stage itself?
– Is a compelling design and structure enough to differentiate a mall?
– Can enough differentiation come from marketing promotions after the mall has been built?
– Are retailers feeling left out at the Mall Design and Conceptualization stage – is it necessary to involve big retailers in the blueprint stage?
– Latest trends in malls (below) – is this the future of mall spaces? What do Indian developers need to do to build there futuristic trends into their blueprint? How can this turn into higher profitability for developers and retailers?
Centrum – Integrate with the city centre
– Open air malls – atmosphere of a town center
– Fully integrated and blended with the landscape
Green – Sustainable, Green, Eco
– Environmental sustainability considerations
– Accessible by public transportation
– Rainwater harvesting system, more natural ambience, natural lighting, plants and trees, wood walls and floors, waterfalls, lots of glass façade
Open Exhibition
– Malls be about much more than stores
– Mix of tenant/public space moving from the current 70/30 to 60/40, or even 50/50
Expanded public spaces will need to be planned and programed over the year much like an exhibition – managed more like content and media, instead of real estate

– Lead context-setting presentation: Chua Zi Jun, Director, DP Architects (Singapore)
– Bipin Gurnani, CEO, Prozone INTU Properties
– J P Biswas, Head – Leasing, Nexus – Blackstone Retail Portfolio
– Javier Sotomayor, MD, Cinépolis Asia
– Kaisar Kazi, Sr. General Manager (Interior Design), Reliance Industries
– Lalit Jain, VP and Head – Property Project & Planning, Spencer’s Retail (RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group)
– Man Mohan Bagree, Vice President & COO, South City Group
– Manoj Agarwal, Head of Operations, L&T Metro TOD – L&T Metro Rail ( Hyderabad )

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