KEYNOTE: WHAT NEXT FOR MALLS – A mall which is 100% different from the current concept of a Shopping Centre!

Apr 24, 2019

11:00 – 11:15 hrs

OUT-OF-THE-BOX: Visions of the Future of Shopping Centers


We re-imagine futuristic models how Shopping Centres can engage consumers – few places in the West are developing a mix around these models. How can these be adapted to Indian landscape and urban space challenges.

  • Destination Centers: large spaces centered around a large attraction – discovery, education, and experience are key components of the brand experience.

take on the traditional “flagship store experience” – instead of a retailer, anchor here is a compelling social experience—such as an indoor ski slope, roller coaster, concert space, or museum providing immersive, experience-based entertainment (live examples: Xanadu in Spain, the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai)

  • Innovation Centers: “smart” spaces where pooled tenant data is used to create targeted offerings

a certain percentage of space may be designated for test stores that use the data gathered on new concepts (Boxpark in UK – ‘pop-up’ shopping centre made entirely out of Shipping Containers)

  • Values Centers: spaces that draw their identity—and tenants—from consumers’ shared values – anchored by an idea, not a retail nameplate. Ethnic or community identity, such as a sports team, and all tenants could provide an experience that ties into this – the mall equivalent of a showcasing local fashion designers, restaurateurs, craft brewers and distillers, and artists
  • “Retaildential” Spaces: retail-housing “lifestyle centers” that target specific demographics – highly curated “life-stage centers” that offer a demographic-specific and appropriate set of retail, restaurants, entertainment, and services
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