A must-attend Shopping Centre event

ISCF'12 is open to everyone who is a part of the shopping centre industry in any and every way. ISCF'12 is meant :
For Centre Owners/Developers
Get the pulse of the retail real estate industry and widen your knowledge and horizons at this exclusive platform for shopping centre professionals. The conference, through its comprehensive and extensive agenda, creates the environment to spot the latest market and economic trends. Join us at ISCF to gain insights into investment opportunities and meet potential partners to take your business forward.

For Retailers
Spend on real estate is a significant component of a retailer’s cost of operations, and retail is a prime occupier of shopping centre spaces in India. Each side plays an important role in growth of the other. Which is why some of India’s prominent mall space owners will be present at ISCF. For retailers, this presents an invaluable opportunity to meet developers who carry the vision to respect the critical role of retail, and to understand the real estate business, its constraints and its concerns in short, an opportunity to sync a retailer’s vision with a developer’s ambitions on a one-to-one basis.

For Investors
For retail real estate funds and international shopping centre support businesses, the event presents a 360 degree perspective on the key trends and demands generated from India’s highly dynamic retail and retail real estate sectors, and also to analyse ROIs from retail-led real estate.

For City Planners and Civic Authorities
ISCF is the ideal event to explore public private partnerships in creating differentiated and profitable shopping centre spaces. The event offers a great venue for real estate developers, architects, town planners and policy makers to draw investor interest in developing urban and rural retail & entertainment spaces.

For Shopping Centre Support Companies
Present your services, products, concepts, ideas in design and architecture, facility management, parking, entertainment zones, security and other support services to the key decision makers. ISCF creates opportunities for support companies to meet with the shopping centre developers and showcase their innovations that add aesthetics, value and traffic to existing and forthcoming shopping centres across India.