300+ Retailers’ Verdict on Best Malls

First of its kind exercise in the world where 300+ top retailers across retail segments and verticals have joined in to make this a robust mall benchmarking index and recognize outstanding achievers with ISCA trophies at the India shopping centre Forum.

Dear Retailer Friends

This is to invite your participation in the ISCA Retailers Jury. ISCA Jury

Please click here to download ‘ISCA Retailers Jury Verdict’ excel file where you can nominate malls, centre heads and shopping centre personalities (Best and Next Best) for their outstanding performance in FY 2016-17 for the proposed Award Categories.

On the left hand side of the excel sheet we have mentioned the criteria for each nomination.

Please click here to download ‘Malls & Shopping Centre Professionals Nominated so far’ list for your ready reference to deliberate on all the nominated names with your BD/ Ops/ Retail team members and associates to nominate the most deserving names in all cells including names that stand out on all India basis as well.

The page ‘Malls & Shopping Centre Professionals Nominated so far’ not only lists out names of best performing malls, managers & personalities as recommended by top retailers but also names of ‘new launches’ in yellow highlighted cells and names of malls that ‘turned around’ in green highlighted cells. For ‘Best Turn Around’ Malls category, jurors are requested to name malls that really turned around in FY 2016–17 with some great initiatives – repositioning/ restrategising tenant mix/ redesigning – and could drive in consumers with increased sales for tenants.

Also for ‘best names’ jurors are requested to mention a few lines with examples of excellence – with facts & figures wherever relevant – for citations.

Once the verdict is given, the excel file can be saved as ‘Retailer name Verdict ISCA Retailers Jury’ and can be mailed to rsroy@indiaretailforum.org

This verdict can be given only by a retailer occupying space in malls and with understanding of mall operations in a region or across the country.